Bino’s flow and vocal delivery on this newest release light up the room. Skaleetee kicks in with brightness and style and never lets up until it’s over, with more character than ever, a relentlessly upbeat, invigorating rhythm and tempo, and an underlying beat that is actually colorful and melodically on point.

HoodTrophy Bino is a promising new talent from Miami, Florida who is signed to a record label. He is a well-known young celebrity for his gangster rap and hip hop recordings, which have gained him widespread recognition. He recently released a video for & Skaleetee, which was shot and edited by Too Eazy.

Skaleetee begins to play, and the high energy and intensity return. There is an intense beat, a haunting, falling riff, a considerably more precise cut, louder and crisper leading vocal. The tune conveys a sense of carefree confidence, which is reflected in the performance and the way the beat evolves.

The roots of the genre are evident, Bino voice has personality, and these bars continue to impress as Skaleetee progresses, but the track backbone of identity in the beat and the mass of the soundscape help to solidify the track as more than deserving of its place in hip hop canon of greatness.

At the very same time, Bino’s delivery shines through, dripping with passion and swagger. You don’t doubt the force or strength of the bars or the vocal style you can hear the aim and intensity behind it all, which contrasts with the relatively delicate quality of the distant cinematic soundscape. A single listen is all that is required for Skaleetee to leave an impression.


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