Ambient production and organic musicianship meet with a quickly engaging manner of songwriting for this intriguing and satisfying new single from Drainbows. Featuring an increasingly likable soundscape, Silver Train initially appeals for the rise and resolve of its short verse lines and its lyrics. Later though, it goes on to become this fully immersive, alternative rock realm – with various synths and details raining down all around. The unusual concept of the track combined with the visual gives you an experience like no other. 

Drainbows is a creative pop artist from Las Vegas. He is a guy who isn’t afraid to experiment with the genre or the music in general. So most of his songs come under alt-pop. Though he is new to the scene thanks to his refreshing themes and unusual music he has managed to build up a loyal fanbase. What’s great about this song is no single aspect, but rather the chemistry between all. Then there’s the hook – the repeat of the title, without its follow-up phrase in most cases. It suggests uncertainty, reinforcing the mood and lyrics of the surrounding song, and this uncertainty is what makes the whole thing connect so beautifully. If you are a fan of Drainbows one this is guaranteed.

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