Changing Tides showcase superb musicianship and thoughtful, engaging songwriting with the powerful, immersive single Silenced. Utilizing contrast to a mighty degree, the song explodes into the room with cascading guitars and raw, rowdy drum-work. 

This is soon followed by a complete fall-back from the fullness, as delicate, expressive, and emotive vocals lead us through a poetic storyline; which both intrigues and connects for its personal sense of vulnerability. The progressive and creative nature of this track helps it really hit with memorable impact. 

From full-on beginnings through consistently unpredictable and ever-evolving sections, the track incorporates elements of metal and melodic rock as much as those of metalcore and even the deathcore legends of a simpler time. 

“Changing Tides” is an interesting upcoming metal band from the southern part of the Netherlands. They combine elements of extreme metal and hardcore punk. They are known for their heavy riffs and deep breakdowns. Changing Tides got the magical talent of keeping the attention of the audience while performing. 

And they actively engage with them which helps to move the crow from back to the front. Even when you listen you can feel the energy and the passion right through to your bones. The sound is huge, passionate and colorful, multi-layered, and energizing. Try to think back to the first time you heard a new band that you instantly fell in love with. The time is returning again, and Changing Tides are at the forefront. Meaningful songwriting, soaked in darkness but honest and musically impressive nonetheless. Fantastic. Listen loud.

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