If you are a fan of Latin music this one is for you. Juan Luna injects fast-flowing, catchy vocals into the contemporary scene with this rhythmically addictive new single Siempre Mia. Backed up by a simple progression, bass-heavy and offbeat, blending dancehall and hip hop in a subtly infectious way, Siempre Mia showcases a variety of vocal flows and melodies – each one faultlessly in tune with the pace and energy of the track; introducing Juan Luhna Major in a bold and memorable way. This track got the ambiance and the energy to wake us up and inject positivity inside our systems. Trumpets dominate this track. 

Juan Luhna is a musician from Los Angeles California. He is producing some amazing hits with a nice rhythm that makes you dance. His music that is inspired by Latin culture brings happiness to many listeners who are searching for music that helps them to get through this tough time. Featuring more than a few instrumental drops from the calm back into the embrace of the groove, the single has the makings of a subtly unforgettable indie hit. Furthermore, Juan’s voice has a clear level of identity to it – skill and personality combine with a passion to impressive results. Siempre Mia leaves its dreamy soundscape and catchy hook lingering in your mind after listening. 


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