FGM CUZO’s joint single “SHOOTERS” with LILSIIME & GTB CALEB impressively manages to keep the attention and impress despite its brief but hypnotic duration. The essential repetition of the single-noted title word is combined with the quickly reassuring presence of a synth-soaked, reflecting backdrop.

The music begins with a dreamy backdrop of rap-Esque origins, with flickers of trap and the stylish tumble of an organic drum-line, but then weaves in a bold and gritty vocal outpouring that swiftly elevates the energy.

As “SHOOTERS” boldly emerges, thick composition allows a mellow-paced beat to smash with unbreakable impact alongside a fast-paced vocal outpouring. Aside from that, the soundscape has a distinct identity — dreamy layers of fragmented voice in the background, a trap-style beat with faintly industrial undertones, and the overwhelming force of that bass-line.

The visuals for the release use significant effects to give character and the voice, words, and groove of the single that ultimately aim high and succeed. “SHOOTERS,” which clocks in at just over two minutes, combines passion and confidence to keep things accurate but carefree throughout its brief but heavy lifespan.

“SHOOTERS” is another defiant standout of the year, a marvelously hypnotic, immersive work of audio and performance that begs for repeat listens despite its brief but powerful two-minute run time.

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