Milli On is an artist who has a great awareness of the need to create an atmosphere and a moment with his productions, both musically and vocally. Shoot Ya presents precisely that sort of inventiveness in a split second, gradually enveloping its listeners in a soundscape that is at once modern and calming in its construction.

Milli On is a young artist from Florida who is on the rise and has a wide range of talents. As a result of his several successful hip-hop recordings, he is well-known in the hip-hop community. Shoot Ya is his most recent single, which is available across all platforms.

Shoot Ya is incredibly captivating, flying by in almost one and a half minutes, leaving you wondering whether you blinked and missed it. The mix itself is massive, with vast slabs of sound compressed such that everything appears louder than almost anything else, and there’s a beautiful sense of whirling excess to the whole thing, lending a nearly psychedelic flavor to the listening experience.

Milli On’s voice, on top of the music, is one that’s full of personality – his tone, his laid-back presentation style, and even his words all point in the way of an evident desire for performance and for producing bars that are meant to entertain. 

As mentioned by the title of the tune, this is a straightforward song for all of the hip-hop lovers out there, beginning with an enthusiastic bounce and a pleasant kind of quiet confidence that nicely complements Milli On’s chilled-out vocal style.

Extremely good music that is timeless and brilliantly crafted is well worth the time it takes to allow yourself to be immersed in it. Milli On is back in action.

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