Ukraine-based artists Shinagawalove and Morphed Morphed have teamed up to create a groundbreaking new single entitled “Delusion”. The song is a unique fusion of electronic and metal music that showcases the individual styles and strengths of both artists.

Shinagawalove is a one-man black metal project that was born in the city of Kyiv in 2022. Over time, he has evolved his style to incorporate a variety of black metal subgenres, post-punk, and elements of core. His music is characterized by emotional extreme vocals, contrasting drums, and existential themes with a hint of mania and despair. Shinagawalove has already released a full-length album and two singles in 2023.

Morphed Morphed, on the other hand, is a synthesizer enthusiast who specializes in electronic music with heavy grooves and timbres. He seeks to show a finished thought in the patterns of electronic music and is always looking for new collaborations and ideas. With his dynamic style and ever-evolving approach, Morphed Morphed brings a fresh perspective to the electronic music genre.

Together, Shinagawalove and Morphed Morphed have created a powerful and dynamic track that showcases their unique talents and styles. “Delusion” is a must-listen for fans of electronic and metal music alike, and is sure to be a hit with music lovers around the world.

For more information on Shinagawalove and Morphed Morphed, including their previous releases and upcoming projects, please visit their websites and social media profiles.

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