This jam from “60 seconds of Jams” is an incredible honor to Joy Division and his single Shadowplay. This new artwork is a great cover jam from 60 seconds jams.

Diego, also known as 60 Seconds Jams, has been an entrepreneur since 1990, and his main interest is playing guitar as a hobby. He posts at least one original instrumental song, jam, or guitar tip or trick every week. 60secondsjam is about one take of improv over an original song; it is about true musicality, one single interpretation. Life isn’t perfect, and he believes that many great things come from our small mistakes and how we overcome them! …

A fast, memorable riff swings consistently into the mix that makes the instrumental piece look like a hook or key, but behind it is a rocky and often even genre-free and meandering musical feel, which is simply a pleasure to fill up your room. It is also an excellent way for people to feel energized.

It is a rare and impressive characteristic to be able to provide an instrumental ambiance that soothes and is of professional and enjoyable quality while also clearly driving with artistic intent and a blatant awareness of what works musically and what engages an audience. The guitar playing and musical craftsmanship of Diego(60 seconds jams ) in general are of undisputed high quality – it is easy for his music just to show him this, overloading the listener with far more skill than substance. Luckily that’s far from the case, however. The composition is creative, often humble, and always consistent with its own basic feelings and intentions.

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