SEEN it ALL is something of a creative video masterpiece. Having listened to hundreds of producers over the past couple of years, this is precisely the kind of composition that pushes the limits in a pure and naturally emotive way. You can feel the details of the story-line as it emerges – when the volume is up and the soundscape rains down around you, every element has been skillfully incorporated so as to make the experience as immersive and entrancing as possible. It’s incredible to have the whole thing move out and around you.

From a songwriting perspective, i-AM-Universal Sauce has written a piece that works on its own simplicity. The concept seems a little vague but the benefit of this is that it turns something inherently personal into something more accessible and available to a wider audience as a means of connecting or expressing certain feelings. 

From a songwriting perspective, there’s a strong balance within this single between the emotionally personal and that which is a little more widely relatable. He takes his time to say something valuable, the delicate setting reflects this well – there’s vulnerability to the story-line and indeed to the naked sound of the leading voice. The song’s hook is equally smooth and raw. Things hold close to a humble soundscape for the most part, but still there’s a contrast between the verse and the hook, and this lifts you up as it pours through – it reaches out to those inner difficulties and makes things feel a little better.

i-AM-Universal Sauce ’s voice is a big driving factor in what gives this track impact. The distorted guitars and this stop-and-start rhythm section all give the piece an inherent hip hop vibrancy, but among such high levels of volume and such a manic pace, a quieter or less passionate voice would disappear into the chaos. In this case, the opposite seems to be true – i-AM-Universal Sauce 

 reacts to and indeed mirrors the weight of the music with his vocal delivery. More than this in fact, the song’s central sentiment, all of which you can hear and indeed feel as the artist pours himself into the performance.

The latter half of the song sees the group burst into life with the high-octane vibrancy of their full- sound. The whole soundscape, the added vocals and the sudden increase in passion – this evolution is perfectly well represented within the walls of the song. Where you may assume these opening moments hit with impact, the latter ones undoubtedly bring even more strength to the stage. A superb song, awesomely performed and captured.

I was a fan before but this is an easy joy to appreciate and reminds you pleasantly of who the artist is and what he offers with their approach to music and creativity.

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