How Im Feelin” by “SCUTI” is a release that offers a gentle yet intriguing musical ambiance, one within which you can look to feel slightly more laid back about the world and all of its problems.

The music is fairly minimalist at first, snippets of instrumentation and samples that you wouldn’t ordinarily find paired up in music, arrive in unison as if they were born to be together. There’s a weirdness and a touch of rap to the completed composition, and there are certain climatic peaks that really draw your focus to the rising energy of both.

The rhythm offers the consistency, the thread throughout the release. The chords do the same, the retro sound of the keys, fused with the electronic vocal sound – which is simply another riff, presented as a change of scene, a development in the story line. The beat itself has a lot of character and this shows the whole thing to be something that is fairly instantly recognisable once you’ve heard it just once or twice.

The longer you listen, the sound evolves into something familiar, the hook dances around you in a way that again makes certain you’re aware of its presence, and the leading rap vocal hits as that of a confident and more than capable lyricist and performer. You want to take the story line, the words he presents, as meaningful and loaded with depth. You want to hear all of it, there’s a genuine and passionate undertone to the whole performance, the pace of it all just makes it a little less than easy to follow and interpret as the music moves along. If anything though, this makes you listen more than once – just to make sure you got it, to find out what that concept really is, what the creative drive was that led to the crafting of this release. A certain level of intrigue and mystique is always effective in drawing an audience’s attention.

Not one to hold back, the honesty and openness of the lyrics is commendable, unfiltered – an outpouring of reflective ideas and life experiences and lessons learned. This is the all too familiar concept of an artist’s struggle to express and to be heard and understood, but outside of the concept; everything is loaded with individuality. SCUTI’s own perspective and his approach regarding this journey is far from familiar – it’s fresh, it’s fearless, and it speaks an unquestionable truth that is likely to reach out and connect with any number of compassionate listeners and fans of heartfelt, authentic hip-hop. SCUTI talks of rap battles, the hard times, the inner strength and drive required to push through. The detail is immense and this makes for a pretty incomparable string of storytelling.

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