As a singer, “Scene” by “Ozaii” presents a number of different approaches as the various verses and sections emerge – from the quick and lyrically dense, to the smoother, softer latter half. Musically as well, this same sense of change is underlined throughout – there’s a warming hip hop vibe for the most part, but there are also flickers of rap, and at its core – the song presents a melodically memorable piece of alternative hip hop that’s fairly refreshing to listen to among today’s world of music.

Scene” is a track that legitimately gets better and better as it pours through. The opening moments alone present certain originality that draws your interest and Ease as an artist and a creative person, but as things move along, more and more of this inherent character and ability starts to show itself. The first three minutes see the mood and the instrumentation evolve significantly, and by the latter three minutes – you have a strong level of personality and detail to look out for and connect with; those essential traits of familiarity that make for a comforting, reliable listening experience.

From a songwriting perspective, the verse lyrics pour through fast and heavy, there are poetic images, ideas about life and the world in general, as well as some deeply personal observations. A single listen is far from enough to gather a full understanding or view of what’s being said. This is where the artist’s inherent passion begins to show itself – it feels like a stream of consciousness in some ways, an emotional reaction to anything and everything, by means of a colorful and honestly expressive piece of music and writing.

The whole thing has been brilliantly crafted, cleverly written, and powerfully performed. Hypnotic and intense synths rain down during the latter half, creating this whirlwind of hip hop rhythm and energy, and as the repetition leads you through to the finish – you feel swept away by the vibrancy of it all; not unlike you might with a rap release. There’s nothing overly heavy about the track, but it hits with impact – the arrangement and these simple yet effective moments of melody and performance all draw you in at just the right times. If you want it to energize you, or let you escape entirely into the style and character of the scene – simply turn it up loud and let go of your worries for a while.

As stated, this debut promises big things – Ozaii has a unique approach to songwriting and composition that is both refreshingly creative and professionally, flawlessly produced. A fascinating artist and a thoughtful, expressive lyricist – well worth looking out for over the coming months.

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