L.A. Bliss’ latest single, “Scarlett Letter,” combines the crisp and clean quality of contemporary pop with an unmistakable fusion of inspirations from rock and the pop-rock anthems of a more specific era, resulting in a distinctly cinematic power ballad outfit.

L.A. Bliss is a female pop artist who has been releasing music for more than two decades now. Pop, dance, and 1980s-inspired pop hooks make her an artist at the top of her game with plenty of energy to spare.

She has traveled from Florida to Georgia, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Nevada in her search for spiritual and musical fulfillment, finally settling in California. As a result of those experiences, she has become enamored with the music of Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, Pat Benatar, and Belinda Carlisle, among others. Many influential artists influence her sound, but they don’t define it because she creates her own music.

Multi-dimensional, her music explores the East Village’s decadent hedonism of the 1970s, with B-52’s flourishes and all the sentiment embodied by the era. With a voice that embraces the beat and groove of the past and the present, you’ll be whisked back in time and wheeled into the future.

The music has a delightfully clean mix and an evident power of composition that shines with growing brightness throughout, driving with pop-rock tendencies and smooth, gently expressive vocals.

L.A. Bliss makes excellent use of short lines while driving with energy and character, making way for the uplift of a powerful, personal yet relatable chorus.

The song has enough familiar components to connect and leave its tune lingering, but it also has enough intimate and less-common parts to feel genuine and unique.

“Scarlett Letter” uses loving language and inspiring musicianship to engage and create a profoundly euphoric burst of escapism that lasts and lasts while also being refreshingly hopeful and laden with positive images and a clear feeling of possibility to encourage good vibes.

Ballads aren’t dead after all, are they? Emotion and a willingness to love and be hurt are evident in L.A. Bliss’ latest music, “Scarlett Letter.” This is the first time I’ve heard music like this. As a torch singer for those who haven’t forgotten what it feels like to feel, be human, and groove, LA Bliss/Chambliss is an inspiration.

“Scarlett Letter”  is a modern cinematic power ballad set-up that carefully walks between genres. In either situation, L.A. Bliss’ vocals would bear the composition’s weight more than likely.

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