You really just immediately fall for the acoustic guitar work in this cover from the moment the music begins. Before you know the story before you can skip ahead to form any expectations. The playing is sublime, the softness and the skill, a wonderfully mellow rhythm, and expression, followed soon after by a harmonica that is perfectly in keeping with the overall feel of the music. James Evans is one of the greatest artists who is from Cheshire, UK. “Scarborough Fair” is another awesome cover by James Evans to all the audience out there. 

Everything shines brightly in this one – the work put into it has clearly been thought through, looked over, and essentially made to count. Later on, as you get further into the track, the whole performance is sensational. The key change adds this whole new dynamic, bringing the track smoothly but surely forward from the peacefully mellow to the passionately massive. 

As the audience, we all have to appreciate the great work by James Evans and how he brings together the music in his own way. The instrumentation seems to switch between the perfectly harmonious and expected sort of sound, and the utterly unpredictable, re-grab your attention and focus moments. It definitely keeps you on your toes, which is important – as once you get back to that hook section; the hypnotic warmth sets back in and you quickly learn to know and love the ins and outs of the whole performance. This is a sound that is creatively & expressively free. This takes shape in whatever ways the artist deems fit, which keeps things consistently interesting.

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