John of Omaha’s latest release “Savior of the Nations Come” presents a hugely varied arena of instrumentation. The sound is big, leaning partly towards the distorted world of rock, and partly towards the more electronic, even metal influenced edge of creative audio. The single portrays each moment really well, taking full advantage of the benefits of structural exploration in music, moving confidently from the big moments to the gentler, more electronic riff oriented ones.

Lyrically, the song appears as incredibly mysterious and intriguing, and this works brilliantly among such a compelling backdrop. The musical backdrop to this track is actually far more of an inherent part of the expression than simply a beat behind the song. The artist’s ideas and the music go hand in hand. The instrumentation has a joyful brightness and bounce to it as well. The vocal parts that follow it along add to the intensity and pace of the music brilliantly, always keeping the flow on point, always adjusting to the surrounding rhythm and the underlying mood.

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