The war between Ukraine and Russia has become a catastrophe, and thousands of innocent lives suffer. Whether it is a political cause or another cause, this war has to be stopped to save those lives. Ukraine war has become the main topic for many people to raise their voices. Candy Crush is among those artists that support the cause “Stop the War.” Save the World is an EDM music track to support the innocent people that suffer from the Ukraine war.

Candy Crush is America’s first and only main stage female DJ and producer that creates and performs her own music entirely. She is Latvian-born and American-raised, with Russian, Ukrainian, and Asian origins.

She pioneered “Super Rave,” a strong orchestral EDM music genre that combines the best of symphonic classical music, Future Rave, Progressive House, and other genres. Her music conveys a strong message.

“Save The World” is one of many “signature works” she will be releasing in the coming weeks.

Save the World progresses in a fascinating and boldly honest manner, from delicate attention to detail to energizing intensity, with a producer demonstrating a thorough awareness of space and time as much as music and melody.

Rather than simply looping familiar phrases around the listener, Candy Crush employs change and progression throughout Save the World, with each new section incorporating some new synth or quality or fragment, effect, and distortion, as we fall deeper and deeper into the vibe and thought-provoking concept.

To further support the music, the video production showcase the devastating moments of the Ukraine war. Brilliant, refreshingly original, interesting, and faultlessly produced house music track adjust well with the video clip and send the message “Save the World” to its listener.

“Save the World” is notably a skillful and passionate creative with a welcomed edge of identity to share with the music world.

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