Driving with a clear sense of understanding and passion united, Maya Nichole offers an infectious and addictive new single, which effectively redefines what it means to be in the Christmas season. The single emerges following a plethora of releases throughout the past years of similarly reflective tendencies and outright impressive vocals, the likes of which have rightfully been elevating Maya Nichole in the pop world. Certainly, it will give you the Christmas vibes that we all badly need at this time of the year.

Maya Nichole is an inspiring independent artist who lives in music. She is a talent from Atlanta Georgia, United States. She makes her own music, writes it, and sings it. Though this is a remake of “Santa Baby ” performed by American singer Eartha Kitt with Henri René and His Orchestra and originally released in 1953 she does all the justice to the song and sings like it’s one of hers with her own variations to it. That gives a new life and color to the original song. Featuring classically stunning vocals that rise up from folk-pop delicacy during the opening verses to a more long-form RnB outpouring, later on, Pretty not only connects for its relatable depth and self-awareness but showcases the very best of Maya Nichole’s faultless and powerful vocals.

Melodically engaging, beautifully uplifting, and subtly catchy, Santa Baby works hard to reignite the essence of modern RnB and pop, whilst injecting a clearly inspiring edge of reality; and a bold reminder of the things that truly matter in life. Far from an artist with only one sound to her catalog, Maya Nichole has crafted a number of original, artistic, and intentional releases, each of which holds close to this vocal power and unapologetic openness, yet promises a fresh melody and set-up at the same time. 

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