Frankie Snow, a talented musician and composer from Louisiana, hits hard with his latest single, “Sandpit Symphony,” which features numerous dynamic beats and a lot of ebbs and flows, akin to the action of waves lapping on a beach. The overall effect is one of richness and elegance.

Frankie Snow is a New Orleans, Louisiana-based American hip-hop performer. Snow’s goal is to create music that portrays the human experience: hatred, love, joy, or grief. Frankie Snow’s music has something for everyone, no matter what they’ve been through or are going through.

His music may be aggressive, energetic, and downright wild at times. Frankie Snow’s energy will have you on the edge of your seat like you’ve never seen before. Snow began his musical career in 2007 as the drummer for the New Orleans-based metal band 12th Street Tragedy. 

Snow has shared the stage with artists such as FATBOY SSE and others. Snow began to consider his prospects as a solo artist in 2015. He was immediately introduced to the one and only Eatz, AKA Big Will, who taught him the ropes of the game. Snow’s been getting closer to the stage lights every day since then.

“Sandpit Symphony” is a legendary hip hop/rap confection with a delicate tone, rapid-fire vibrato, an excellent falsetto reach, and ubiquitous hip hop beats, as well as some exciting composition choices to freshen things up.

Frankie Snow’s song is raw, fresh, and infectious, and it conveys a story with excellent clarity. The vocal is relaxed, swaggering, indifferent, near to the microphone, and in our faces.

In terms of modern hip hop, this reality is exceptionally refreshing, and the track gives a rapidly striking melody that’s easily memorable and pretty boldly irresistible.

It’s still on point in terms of atmosphere, but it’s just enough of a detour to allow the track to settle in.

“Sandpit Symphony,” with its high production quality, is an extraordinary piece of hip-hop music with an intellectual rap that seems genuine and an intense, brilliant vocal performance at its heart that is certainly worthy of your attention.

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