On this latest song from hip hop’s Omerta Sin, “SAINT,” a tasteful throwback groove is combined with a vocal that is both raspy and rhythmic in its delivery.

Omerta Sin is a musician that understands the importance of creating an atmosphere and a moment with his music, both musically and vocally, with each release. SAINT introduces precisely that sort of inventiveness in a split second, gradually enveloping its listeners in a soundscape that is at once current and joyful.

On top of the music, Omerta Sin’s voice is one that’s loaded with personality – his tone, his laid-back style of delivery, and indeed his lyrics all lean in the direction of an evident love for performance and for crafting bars designed to entertain. 

“SAINT” is leading with an upbeat bounce and a mellow kind of quiet confidence that suits Omerta Sin’s chilled-out vocal style pretty perfectly.

Incredibly hypnotic, “SAINT” whizzes by in two brief minutes, leaving you wondering if you blink and miss it. The mix itself is massive, with vast slabs of sound compressed such that everything seems louder than everything else, and there’s a lovely sense of whirling excess about the whole thing, giving the listening experience a psychedelic taste.

Omerta Sin proceeds with an increasingly deliberate style of wordplay as the track goes, impressing significantly more throughout the second half thanks to creative wordplay and having found his flow and purpose with this track. The song’s hook is now more audible, presenting a clearer picture of the artist’s understanding of metaphor and the overall modern sound and topical referencing.

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