Exo Fuzion from Zeeland has always been known to hammer hard and make himself noticed, and this latest release is no exception. In reality, “Sacred” is the artist’s most intense and immersive album to date, with the weight and tempo of relentless EDM raining down around you from the start.

This time, the explosive Exo Fuzion returns with a fantastic banger. “Sacred” is a hard-hitting house track in the vein of traditional house tracks. The song’s simplistic composition gives it a sense of purpose and character – it’s an upbeat track, a minimalist level of layers sporadically step into view, and the piece similarly maintains its own unique sense of structure right through to the end.

As the song progresses, the beat hits in a beautifully innovative way, and the whole thing begins to feel like a refreshing new perspective on the alternative scene. Each of the building blocks provides a level of freshness, a sort of experimental and partly tribal groove that might easily play the function of both the energizer and the catchy ambiance that calms and attempts to offer to understand.

As the passion and notion get more robust, so does the music – significantly transforming the whole thing into something of an alternate immersive track, rooted in EDM but nonetheless emotionally connected and meaningful to its own yearning to belong and that conflicting wish to be free.

The music progresses from a straightforward house track to something much more colorful — lightness triumphs over darkness, and the overall feeling of the song rises higher than the title could possibly prepare you for.

“Sacred” is another deserving release and stunning new addition to the Exo Fuzion library – and indeed the long-term playlist.

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