Running after you is the brand new track from up-and-coming electro-pop sensation Preztone. It’s a brilliantly uplifting piece of music that gives off all kinds of amazing vibes. Preztone is from Belgium and he always wanted to entertain the audience in his own way and we are pretty sure his music will attract you once you listen to the same.

The music is strong, the theme is crucial, and the melody used for that mainline or chorus section is bold and memorable. At its core, background, and concept aside, this one is an emotionally driven pop song, with an unapologetic vocal narrative, and a catchy hook to make you really remember that key idea. It’s an important song – it touches on a topic that matters; one that is still very much in need of a voice, every single day. The title is perfectly appropriate and highlights quite precisely one of the crushing feeling that many people in this sort of situation experience on a daily basis. The manner in which the topic is presented and performed is unflinchingly honest and real. 

There’s a huge amount of emotion in Preztone’s voice, there’s a distinct style to his vocal performance, a unique tone that carries with it a certain sort of vulnerability – which is not often heard in pop music. What it does, particularly in the case of this kind of song, is reach out more effectively to those who are most likely to be moved by such a track. It gives listeners a more believable narrative, someone they can relate to, someone they can trust and understand. I think that’s possibly one of the strongest elements of this song. That personal touch really brings out the bare emotions, those which ultimately lead to the creation of the project in the first place.

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