On Peter Wesley’s recent record, “Runner Up,” a tasteful throwback groove meets a distinctively raspy and rhythmic vocal. The soundscape, in particular, draws your attention right away. 

Peter Wesley hails from Louisville, Kentucky, and is a rap artist. Peter has been making waves in the rap game, wowing crowds with his trademark steady flow and rapid delivery. Despite being influenced by musicians like Eminem and Lupe Fiasco, he maintains his own sound. 

Peter Wesley has opened for Vince Staples, Tora Lanez, Tech N9NE at SXSW, Firefly, Louievolve, and Poorcastle. Peter is a WWEShop ambassador and a Kentucky Urban Entertainment award nominee. Peter has no intention of slowing down anytime soon. “1st Edition Charizard,” his most recent project, was recently released.

The crisp, clean finish pairs beautifully with the classic accents and layers that transport you to another era. Similarly, the synths and samples that occur intermittently throughout have a distinct aura of originality — good creation aids in the creation of something ever-evolving and continually engaging.

Peter Wesley’s lyrics become more deliberate as the song develops, impressing significantly more in the second half thanks to intelligent wordplay and having certainly found his flow and direction with this tune. Increasing the volume of the song’s hook gives listeners a better sense of the artist’s knowledge of metaphor and gives it a fresher, more contemporary sound.

Amazingly fascinating, “Runner Up” zips by in just 3.37 minutes and leaves you scratching your head, wondering whether you missed it. The mix is massive, with massive blocks of compressed sound making everything sound louder than it actually is. There’s a fantastic sense of floating excess to the whole thing, giving it an almost psychedelic vibe.

Peter Wesley brings a distinct sense of self-awareness and bold expression to the present rap scene. At the same time, it’s stylish and contemporary, original and well-rooted.

“Runner Up” is a powerful and courageous investigation of its subject. Peter Wesley makes sure to further fill the gap among artist and audience by personally connecting for realness and the genuine, clean sound of the mix.

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