The original track showcases artist and producer FH3 Beats aka Freddy Harris 3

 as a creator of colorful, rhythmic music that brings back an element of times gone by, and all the while fuses it with a very sharp and energetic touch of today. “Royal Loyal” is one of the most amazing tracks that you are going to witness. His awareness of structure when composing is worth pointing out – the song doesn’t simply play and play as many Hip hop releases have done in the past, it takes the moment and turns it into a relevant means of expression, for wherever the emotion of the song is at that time.

Royal Loyal” is a powerful piece of music, the build-up from the verses surrounds you in a mellow yet carefully thought out mood and sentiment. Cool riffs and a smooth, strong leading voice drive the energy of the music. Later on, the hook has an impact in a simple yet effective way – though its attack is largely due to the clever setup of those verses. The way each line leads to a shorter hook of its own lines up the later sections brilliantly, offering listeners a touch of what’s to come; a building that familiarity in a subtle, clever way. Then when you finally hear it, it makes sense, it satisfies, it connects. This sort of writing makes a brand new soundscape feel like a favorite hit from times gone by. It works really well.

FH3 Beats aka Freddy Harris 3’s abilities as a musician are mesmerizing, though it’s his passion or emotional input that really helps it shine – as opposed to merely showing off with speed or volume. The experience is entrancing because the intensity rises and falls away in the most natural, deeply human manner. The storytelling is peaceful, accessible, and captivating. The imagery contrasts, in a way, with the softness of the music, and the artist’s characterful, open and honest performance is the absolute icing on the cake.

This whole thing is amazing and brings down something of a classic hip hop meets-rap rhythm that again seems touched by a little something vintage or retro – a set of samples from a simpler time, though it’s driven for the most part by the thickness of the beat, the space, the industrial aura.

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