As New York’s Jazz and Indie musician singer-songwriter Ona Vargas delivers her distinctive recent Instrumental piece, “Roses for Dreams,” multi-colored layers and instruments create an organic, timeless yet sharp, contemporary vibe.

“Roses for Dreams” is an excellent introduction and a lasting highlight from the artist catalog, including identifiable piano-play, meandering and surprisingly soulful synths, and unlimited coherence between elements. The voyage is lengthy, frequently redirecting things as if a new composition had taken hold, but beneath this, the continuity of mood and movement shows to be a hearty thread.

“Roses for Dreams” is one of Ona Vargas’ most fascinating pieces, completely embracing the theme by assuming a new identity and blending uniquely cinematic soundscapes. It provides listeners a very exhilarating voyage.

Furthermore, the music’s straightforward, traditional structure, mixed with Ona Vargas’ own smooth and confident, rhythmically appealing arrangement, allows the whole thing to have an equally eye-opening effect on listeners.

The journey here is incredibly creative, with a few genuinely raw, authentic elements of musicality and compassion coming together. “Roses for Dreams” is an improvised piece of music, the kind that would captivate in a live situation. It is unquestionably a standout for its expressive, passionate sense of freedom and lightness.

The entire setup is a winner, the type of track that would gather a worthy crowd during a dreamlike festival set — music fans appreciating the occasion and putting their faith in an artist who clearly approaches performance with humility.

Really beautifully done, with just enough authenticity and clarity to enable the live component to show through.

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