Artist and composer bluenoon blends ambient embrace with straightforward soulful emotion, combining creative vocal play with a solid beat and classic production.

Room plays just under three minutes in with nostalgic R&B vocals over a dreamy backdrop of boldly escalating pace.

Pop and RnB artist bluenoon is a native of Seoul, South Korea. Room is one of his debut singles released on Youtube.

Room, with its very nostalgic arrangement and vocal approach, keeps things melodically intriguing while highlighting the finest of the singer’s ability. The song plays at a slow pace, which allows the listener to connect with the emotion being put out.

The chorus gives us a hint of the artist’s vocal range and power as it cuts through the air. The computerized synths in the production are a great touch to the organic feeling of the song. The drums are also very well-played and have a good groove to them.

The artist’s voice is full of character and charisma, which makes the song even more personal. The lyrics are well written and display a high level of creative wordplay. The overall atmosphere of the song is warm and inviting, making it easy to listen to on repeat. 

After all, the song ends with a beautiful computerized tune outro that leaves the listener feeling both satisfied and wanting more.

bluenoon’s Room is a perfect example of how classic R&B production can be given a modern update without losing its essence. The song is a great introduction to the artist’s musical style and is sure to leave listeners wanting more.

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