MicroCosmicOrbit, a drum, and bass producer who also enjoys creating experimental hip hop, shoots high and achieves the target with the infectiously powerful and surprisingly meditative “Rollin 170 bpm.”

From the start, you can feel the uplifting nature of the Soundtrack as well as the energy it generates. “Rollin 170 bpm” is a daring and creatively unforgettable place to start. A spacious, somewhat experimental, aesthetic backdrop supports the meandering vocal fragments.

From the progression of the details to the structure of the composition to the final weight of the sound and, indeed, the concept, creativity leads the way in every aspect. These chaotic and colorful sonic layers brilliantly support and enrich the odd, intriguing, perplexing composition. The voyage is ear-catching, motivating, refreshing, and incredibly entertaining.

Alternative, experimental music frequently creates and exceeds its own norms, and this Soundtrack appears to embody that purpose. At the same time, you could expect to hear this on a high-octane Drum and Bass/DnB mix, or perhaps something grittier and less predictable, with MicroCosmicOrbit popping up on occasion. In essence, “Rollin 170 bpm” emphasizes the fundamental nature of artistry — this implies, to most of us, a performance, and this music in its whole is just that.

The artistic strands run deep, yet there are enough moments of melody and rhythm and intriguing, odd, and memorable aspects to keep it entertaining and maintain your attention until the finish.

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