Uniquely named and equally unique in artistry – Dan Saunders delves into the mass of Alt-Rock realms with a powerfully meditative yet musically diverse new single. Roll The Stone Away.

Dan Saunders is a singer/songwriter from Liverpool. A recently returning scouser, having grown up in Reading. He describes his brand of music as faith-inspired rock, and he mainly records Rock, Alternative, CCM. His influences include Noel Gallagher, Oasis, Delirious, Martin Smith.

The force grows stronger over time, as does the weight of the soundscape on its audience. Meanwhile, you yearn for a connection with the lyrics – the title, and indeed, each short line, draws you in, and the music keeps you there. Its indie-rock style is hypnotic.

There’s also a gorgeous meandering electric guitar in the distance, reverb-kissed for that shoegaze feel, though things get heavier and more anthemic elsewhere than any purely dreamy genre allows.

There’s also a stunning meandering electric guitar in the range, reverb-kissed again for that alt-rock feel, though somewhere else things get heavier and more melodic than any purely wistful genre allows.

Roll The Stone Away rises beautifully, paying tribute to the original pop-rock legends of a simpler era. The shift to the hook, in specific, reveals an impressive style of songwriting, comprehensive with additional imagery and a lovely sense of potential – along with, once again, a dash of uncertainty.

Roll The Stone Away is a powerful start to what could be the season’s most memorable and addictive song. Dan Saunders’ vocals are fantastic, and the song, on its own, is very bold and very rewarding. A few subtle touches round things out nicely – additional vocals in the range, fine use of comparison, quiet and loud.

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