“Rock Out,” by modern T3N10, is an exceptional piece of music that demonstrates his delicate yet immersive and passionate approach to Rock kissed hip-hop in a naturally appealing way. It’s time for a dose of much-needed nostalgia.

Somewhat miscellaneous in the genre but rooted amidst rhythm and volume, “Rock Out” blends distorted guitar riffs and compressed beats alongside a raw yet recognizable vocal outpouring of the artist.

“Rock Out” introduces the artist at the top of the competition, with flawless production blending together electronic Rock and contemporary hip hop with an edge of the inventive composition. The song’s engaging vocals meander through a number of different genres and stages, and the music is an excellent introduction to the artist.

The powerful kick of a bass-thick beat is followed by a spacious yet gritty production, with numerous layers of voice and exotic melody cascading across the top of the track.

Because of its lyrical content and tale, the track captivates us – the changing pace of the soundscape contributes to this, with exquisite guitar carrying us into each drop for the hook, for example. And this is an excellent, unexpectedly melodic section, which is a large part of what gives the piece such a solid structural foundation.

While “Rock Out” unquestionably pushes towards artistic independence from the get-go while using the present hip hop scene’s clear building elements to attract a relevant audience, it is also musically stunning as the song progresses. “Rock Out” is available now on all media.

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