Producers and artists QUATTRO has taken a creatively free-flowing approach with this latest release, conceptually encapsulating the very nature of embracing sobriety. Ritmo Del is authentically unlike anything else around right now. The opening moments hint at this, but the progression of the track is full – complete with its various stages and scenes. This whole track is cinematic and detailed as it is gritty and minimalist, feeling like an experimental work of art as much as a dance-floor smash for the peak of the night.

QUATTRO is a talented group of Dj’s from Israel. They have created some mind-blowing house tracks over the years. Before the pandemic, they played in many clubs and other parties which helped them to get their music to house music lovers in Israel. With the pandemic, they started releasing their music on online platforms and QUATTRO is taking the world by storm with their amazing tracks. 

QUATTRO ’s intention with this release is to represent not only the group as fully sober DJs and producers but to reignite the passion and power of dance music and life itself in a manner that invites the listener to experience the same levels of energy without the use of narcotics. It’s a job well done, in so many ways – the strength and vibrancy of the music hit hard, uplifts and energizes, and the quirky layers of character and thought-provoking fragments of ideas work well to intrigue and even baffle as that energy grabs onto you; not unlike the role we often let drugs and alcohol step in for. Therein lies a healthier, cheaper, and more long-term reliable way to get those same feelings of bliss.

Ritmo Del is intense, brilliantly creative, complex, and expressive in a whole new way, yet still, it manages to embrace and satisfy the hard-core music fan. The louder you listen, the greater the effect. Absolutely one worth sharing around this summer. 

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