Maxwell Rafeian is an artist who finds beauty in flaws. His effort to this Classical crossover, “Rise,” provides listeners with a uniquely authentic, unfiltered rendition of his artistic expression, complete with the sensation of his fingers hitting the keys and finished in the most natural, pure manner.

Maxwell Rafeian is a pianist, songwriter, and singer. In February 2020, his debut work, The Five Stages of Grief, Op.1, was released.

Maxwell was born in North Carolina, USA, in 1987 to an English mother and an Iranian father. He and his family moved to Tehran in 1991. He began studying voice at the age of 15 and went on to pursue composition at the Tehran Conservatoire, where he left after nearly two years.

He moved to the United Kingdom soon after to pursue classical performance at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. He authored his op. 1, The Five Stages of Grief, as part of his writing portfolio during his fourth year of college.

This composition by Maxwell Rafeian, a pianist-composer, and singer from the United Kingdom, is in a class of its own. The underlying concept of never-ending evolution, continual movement, and progression – arouse a specific idea and style of thinking in itself.

The words construct a sequence of vivid and intriguing images for you, coupled with an all-important and influential touch of personal passion and truth. As always, the music masterfully re-emphasizes these dynamic, ever-changing thoughts.

However, once you get into the music, the soundscape that unfolds around you far exceeds your expectations. Furthermore, it evokes a wide range of emotions and thoughts that appear to be both motivating and uplifting in a variety of ways.

“Rise” is a beautiful song with a striking vocal line that demonstrates the strength of the operatic influence as well as the power of Maxwell Rafeian’s own voice. The music and vocal line create a dramatic ambiance, implying that this will be a must-see live performance.

A significant amount of space in this painting leaves you alone with your meandering thoughts and emotions. It’s a simple yet effective way to end an achingly lovely piece of music from beginning to end.

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