“RiRi,” 2 SEV7N’s latest collaboration with L’A Tone and PG Stiffy, begins as a familiar, modern-day release but gradually evolves into a unique mix of styles and genres that stays faithful to the artists’ own musical tastes.

SEV7N is a well-known, established young artist from the Southside of Chicago who has pushed through the industry’s doors. He’s still making his own wave being inspired by Memphis artists such as Juicy J, Project Pat, Tommy Wright III.

2 SEV7N’s attitude to hip hop is one of persistent energy, excitement, and flow. “RiRi” is an immensely vivid single that exposes the artist and his music in a style that’s difficult to deny.

“RiRi” rightfully makes sure you’ve heard it once the beat starts to play. 2 SEV7N, L’A Tone and PG Stiffy have presented something that musically leans back and forth between modern elements, and the more epic, synth, or string layers of vibrancy

The three artists put on a colorful and confident display that draws inspiration from hip hop’s iconic corners in terms of performance. The lyrics exude confidence as if they’re not afraid to say what they’re thinking. 

The merged vocals give the song a sense of unity, raising the volume and energy and enhancing the degree to which the song’s hook and music as a whole pop out at you.

” RiRi” is undeniably a track with depth; it represents something real and significant to the artists, as evidenced not just by their words but also by their passionate and stern delivery. The fantastic video adds to the cause and makes this a work that can easily be revisited.

It’s a powerful release that checks off a lot of boxes thanks to its deft blend of pertinent truths and appealing artistry.

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