Always one worth hooking up the big speakers for, DeSel Gian returns this summer with a release that’s every bit as invigorating as its title and artwork implies. Fusing the depth and warmth of a house-inspired beat, with multiple layers of euphoric EDM synths that rain down all around, the single also incorporates a poetic and melodically addictive vocal line – adding humanity into the mix, and offering listeners a little something to cling to as the passion rises. It’s a track that helps us to get away from the world and find inner peace and happiness. DeSel Gian is a creative and talented Dj and a producer from Texas, USA.  

Gian started his music journey mixing songs and with the experience, he got over the years he found that he got a fan base growing who loves the addictiveness of his mixes . that inspired him to make his original tracks. So he can be closer to his audience. He showcases the best of his abilities on this stunning new single. There’s no peak at which the production can no longer handle the volume, nor is there any friction between the vocals and the soundscape – everything works blissfully as one. it’s one for the long-term playlist, without a doubt.

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