Retro electro-pop jam vibes meet with the immersive warmth and pace of contemporary EDM for this mildly tribal, emotive, and euphoric new single from LF. Requiem showcases a unique vibe that helps shift the track away from simple familiarity. 

Weave this in amidst the hypnotic chord progression, complete with keys and subtle riffs, and the whole thing effectively feels like Anime heaven and an EDM hit of escapism all at once.

LF is a talented EDM artist. He is a fictitious DJ from the year 2040. He is intertwined with a world-famous company as its main Dj.  After a suspicious accident, he questions the motives of his bosses. The story is fascinating. If I didn’t tell you won’t believe he is a character from the novel Pulse written by award-winning indie author B.A. Bellec. That’s why the anime vibes make us closer to the story. Together with the amazing music video, the track creates a surreal experience.

Offering a uniquely colorful rise up and gentle drop just after the halfway mark, the production throughout Requiem proves just as creative and expressive. With an authentic vibe, Requiem injects nostalgia and carefree performative confidence into the 2021 scene. 

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