The excellent Hands Off My Tush, led by Phillip Sandifer, returns strong with their protest song, “Republican Uterine Obsession,” criticizing Republicans for being preoccupied with restricting women’s abortion rights. It is an awesomely satisfying rock song that makes waves in the universe. 

Phillip Sandifer is a singer-songwriter who is deeply reflective. ‘Hands Off My Tush,’ a new band led by Phillip Sandifer, has formed. He formed the band to make political statements against completely illogical and unethical Republican politics, specifically in Texas. 

“Republican Uterine Obsession” is a protest song that criticizes Republicans for being preoccupied with restricting women’s abortion rights. This message must be broadly disseminated.

Phillip Sandifer claims that “So, what else can I say? Texas’ Republican Party and far-right religious zealots just enacted legislation that allows anybody to sue anyone who helps a woman terminate her pregnancy after the first six weeks after conception. This can include helpful advice, a friend driving them to a clinic, and so on. To put it another way, they’ve sanctioned and rewarded other Texans to become violent thugs against their fellow residents in exchange for monetary prizes for apprehending and successfully prosecuting them. This is a song of protest against the law and the idiots that forced it through.”

For want of a better span, this is an entirely new-appearing song. Nothing about the tune seems recognizable or reminiscent of anything in particular, yet those engaging rock-building pieces genuinely exist.

The music is genuine and authentic; you can imagine a live event, and it makes sense as the alternative escape that it is. What elevates the music to a whole other level, though, is the definition of depth, the thoughtful nature of the writing – and, of course, that voice, that style.

Hands Off My Tush has a fantastic sound, perfectly passionate while still providing listeners with the uplifting beat and hit off a well-crafted rock classic. The alternate approach works well; there’s a harrowing air to the song’s lyrics – it takes a while to establish a clear picture, but that works in their favor.

You listen again and again, and by this stage, you feel like you know everything – you’re essentially addicted, and you’re in it for the long haul.

Hands Off My Tush do their own thing because it’s what they do best, and “Republican Uterine Obsession” gets better and better with each listen.

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