B.A. Bellec & Skrybe brings you the remix version of “The Radiance” by Linkin Park.

The infamous statement has taken on a life of its own and is now considered the gravity of what he had accomplished. “The Radiance” from the album A Thousand Suns features a sample of the quote. This video is an exploration of that concept.

B.A. Bellec is a Canadian-based novel writer with various achievements in life, including the Reader Views Reviewer’s Choice Literary Award for 2021 Young Adult Book of the Year. Having a successful career in finance, B.A. Bellec decided to leave that world behind to focus on writing and creativity full-time.

Skrybe is an Australian music producer. His love for music has grown since he picked up the trumpet, and it has blossomed into his current style. Studying music composition has encouraged him to examine dynamics, emotion, and expression. Skrybe emphasizes color and texture rather than specific timbres or production techniques when expressing sentiments in his work.

Skrybe, together with B.A.Bellec has decided to bring back this underrated but excellent album by Linkin Park for the sake of art.

This remix is dedicated to all the fans of Linkin Park, who have been waiting for a very long time.

The original composition by Linkin Park was inspired by the statement, “Now I become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” This was said by J. Robert Oppenheimer, the man who oversaw the creation of the atomic bomb after he witnessed its destructive power. The quote is a reference to Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad Gita.

The remix of “The Radiance” by B.A. Bellec & Skrybe is a beautiful exploration of the original composition’s concept. The video is an emotional journey that will leave you speechless.

If you are a fan of Linkin Park, or if you are simply looking for an excellent remix, then look no further than the Remix of “The Radiance” by B.A. Bellec & Skrybe.

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