Reach” is a gorgeous new single from artist and songwriter “Temperature Falls”. Temperature Falls is an Indietronica/ alternative duo based in Oslo, Norway. Over the past few years, the duo has built up a dedicated following and received coveted support from the Spotify editorial team.  Temperature Falls, vocalist, and lyricist Camilla, and multi-instrumentalist Ian J. Ward, met through a chance encounter back in 2018. Ian, originally from Liverpool, UK, 

Fusing the melodic and soulful performance style often found in trip-hop, with something a lot more electronically driven, the song presents itself as an emotional yet stylish trip-hop single that stands tall on the strength of its own concept and storytelling, as well as on the developing melody line.

Reach” is a powerful piece of music, the build-up from the verses surrounds you in a mellow yet carefully thought out mood and sentiment. Cool riffs and a smooth, strong leading voice drive the energy of the music. Later on, the hook has an impact in a simple yet effective way – though its attack is largely due to the clever setup of those verses. The way each line leads to a shorter hook of its own lines up the later sections brilliantly, offering listeners a touch of what’s to come; a building that familiarity in a subtle, clever way. Then when you finally hear it, it makes sense, it satisfies, it connects. This sort of writing makes a brand new chorus feel like a favorite hit from times gone by. It works really well.

The video for Reach”  is as bold as it is colorful, and the same goes for the personalities and images portrayed. The fun and optimism that has gone into this project are matched flawlessly by the sheer professionalism and attention to detail. This means that it works in the way that any unexpected trip-hop hit should – it captures your attention, and you’re likely to remember it from here on in; even after just a single listen. The added benefit is that you get to thoroughly enjoy and be entertained by a movie-like video that works in unison with the music. This sort of thing is rare, particularly at such a complex and well-thought-out level. Absolutely worth exploring.

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