Rightfully stunning production allows this superb new single “Slow Feet Don’t Eat”  from “RaztheCloudSurfer” to shine beautifully in its natural setting. Slow Feet Don’t Eat comes complete with an accompanying video, an artistic arrangement of shots, bringing RaztheCloudSurfer  – all of which is presented in a somber and mellow fashion, quietly representing the song’s underlying sentiments in a perfectly fitting manner.

The music sounds genuinely fresh, colorful and vibrant – the performances on top of this are perfectly in tune with the essence of the track and the confidence and subtle swagger required to carry it through with authenticity. His delivery as a rapper suggests a natural and unwavering connection to the art-form – this is what he does and what he’ll keep doing regardless of what happens next. There’s nothing forced about the whole thing, the set-up is powerful, inspiring, and this opening track presents a definite air of motivational possibility that works hard to energize and uplift its audience. Absolutely worth a listen.

RaztheCloudSurfer has a beautiful sound, loaded with personality and lyrically unafraid to be completely real and revealing. The general vibe of this track is emotionally poignant and reaches out to connect from its sound and mood alone. The lyrics on top of that, and RaztheCloudSurfer’s own natural air of originality and identity, all helps reinforce a refreshing, new, and passionate quality.

As the track moves along, the melodic vocals that come into play add a sort of soulful rap layer to the experience, and surrounding this there are instrumental flickers of hip hop and organic musicianship that help build something enjoyably real. That underlying concept is well represented, the hook melody that offers this idea and that’s memorable but not intrusively so – there’s a slight alternative air to it all, which is a pleasure to listen to among today’s musical landscape of simple and often just two-note hooks that repeat and repeat. The realness here is a joy to witness, and the professional structuring and finish on the single lets it shine as brightly as possible.

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