ItsChase is a Multi-Genre Artist who is from Madison, Wi. His ability to make great music out of nothing, again and again; fusing originality with personality, and individual flair. “Raw” is his latest release to all the audience out there with an awesome vibe throughout the track. The music is unique and varied, the rhythm, the beat, the sounds, the rap and effects used throughout – everything has ItsChase’s stamp on it; his creative mind shines brightly with every element.

The backdrop to the track is a beautifully ambient and dream-like piece of music; seductive synths and rap vocal melodies, lightly doused in reverb, simply looping and looping as he passionately speaks the truth – with, as always, impeccable lyricism. It’s baffling that certain artists can make whatever the hell they want to, at any given time, and have it played on radio stations around the world, yet music like this always has to take the longer and grittier road to recognition. Baffling, but usually; it’s for the greater good.

The great thing about “Raw” is that while the song does maintain the basic elements of hip-hop and rap music, so as to pull in the right kind of audience in the beginning, it also offers up something more intense; faster, creatively independent, with a huge collection of lyrics and an unquestionable amount of character embedded in the performance. The music is so attractive that at first, it’s not really the lyrics that are picked up on from the rap performance, the vocal flow is so fast that many of these flies by in a little bit of a haze, but the beauty of the music means that this isn’t a negative at all – you’re highly likely to listen again.

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