‘ItsChase!’ emerges this season, perfectly embodying today’s hip-hop/rap sound with crisp, precise production, upbeat melodies, expressive lyrics, and a style of composition that’s fast, engaging, and memorable.

“Raw” gives the perfect digital dream. It gets away as summer begins to turn its back on us, stylishly merging the indisputably engaging voice tones that are now so familiar as ‘ItsChase!’ with an exhilarating backdrop that wonderfully complements the underlying thoughts.

‘ItsChase!’ holds the listener’s attention indefinitely as this release fills the room with the swagger and attitude of rap, the crisp and melodic finish of hip hop, and a level of character and performance that ultimately makes its own.

The expanse of effort that has gone into the creation of both the soundtrack and the visuals here is undeniable. From a distance, the whole thing appears to be quite simple – it’s an excellent tune, packed with confidence and tight maneuvers – but focusing on any number of instances, both audibly and visually, reveals and appreciates just how much care and professionalism has actually been put in.

‘ItsChase!’ is an undeniably passionate and skilled musician, unconstrained by genre and determined to make his message with transparent and honest lyrics every step of the way. It will be fascinating to see where the music leads him in the following months.

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