Heavy bass lines and fast riffs with plenty of confidence lead the way for WibeZz’s latest single, Raptor.

WibeZz, aka Felix Wiele, is a young German music producer and DJ. This youngster has a lot of fire in his belly and is always surprising with different genres. Mr. Wobble could be his alias. He is currently working on his Waked EP. Be aware of some strange sensations. Enjoy some high-energy music with lots of rhythms. There’s a lot of percussion and creative vibes. You have a choice.

Simply put, the track is well-crafted – it’s minimalist in many ways, and its setup is far from complex, but it stands tall on the strength of its arrangement. First, there’s that delicate balance of organic and electronic – it’s easy to imagine this live, especially during a daytime festival set, somewhere many of us wish we could be right now.

WibeZz’s Raptor builds on superficial, almost minimalist layers that are already notable for their organic detail and the supremacy of the mix. It then combines intense bass lines and rhythms with vivid bass fragments and an ultimately unpredictable, briefly game-like, and cinematically intermittent aura.

Underneath it all, Raptor’s classic energy is at work, but the chord progression has a touch of something more thoughtful, contemporary, and refreshing. The track creates an entirely new mood that seems to be perfectly timed right now. And that beat is perfect for the job, carrying the song’s hefty good vibes and dancing optimism with authenticity and ease.

At the final hurdle, WibeZz’s new single Raptor also comes in with a specific empowering determination. It reveals the artist’s personal talent while also displaying an uplifting desire to make a positive impact and effect long-term change. This year’s rising star is unquestionably deserving of the title.

A fantastic track that is easy to pair with – that heavy bass-line adds a whole new layer of ambient approval. This summer, it’s well worth a few spins.


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