Ramen Noodles is a beautiful track, a great starting point for audiences first discovering Farron Gordon or generally looking for something fresh, loaded with good vibes and positivity. It’s a short recording, just over two minutes; short and effective enough to leave you wanting much more. The musical backdrop is peaceful, catchy, easy to get into. The artist’s leading voice floats alongside this with quiet confidence. His tone of voice is soft yet serious, driven, a calm kind of passion. The lyrics are presented with a fast-spoken word style that makes you interested in the song right till the very end.

Farron Gordon is a talented and creative hip-hop artist/rapper from Melbourne, Florida. As a guy who grew up listening to hip hop music and rap music he loved the vibe and the passion and wanted to do the same as an artist. He makes music for the love of the genre and passion. So that he isn’t afraid to try new things. Even this track is based on a very unusual topic.

The imagery is strong from the start, lyrically speaking; the essence of opportunity unfolds around you, an air of possibility, of exploring the world– a hopeful enthusiasm for the future. This positive energy almost immediately passes on to you as you listen to the track, and the easy-going vibe of the music makes everything feel like it will be OK. This combination of elements is a great way to draw listeners in and keep them coming back for more.  It’s simplistic yet powerful, and, as mentioned, the energy the track gives off is so chilled that the feeling transfers to you almost instantly when you press play. 

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