Yae Breezy, an up-and-coming rapper, and composer has returned to the scene with a hard-hitting yet identifiable piece of music, “Rambo,” which impresses on a whole new level with this current release. A dramatic lyricism is supported by a surprisingly surreal soundscape, which is delivered in a relaxed and collected manner.

Yae Breezy’s recent record features a sophisticated tune and a distinctively raspy and rhythmic singing. The soundscape hooks you right away, and the sharp, clean finish blends beautifully with the classic elements and layers that transport you to another era. Similarly, the synths and samples that surface intermittently throughout the track have a distinct atmosphere of originality.

In general, Yae Breezy’s voice has just the right amount of personality to make it stand out among the crowd. Also noteworthy is that the flow throughout the verses never fails to impress, and the cadence of that outpouring is impeccable at every turn.

Yae Breezy goes with an increasingly deliberate manner of lyricism from the outset of the track, impressing significantly more throughout the latter half thanks to creative wordplay and having certainly found his flow and direction with this tune.

With a polished finish, it pours through with equal parts energy and instant familiarity – the hook sinks in, as does the artist’s signature style – and musically, there’s enough to admire that distinguishes it from the majority of recent releases.

One of Yae Breezy’s greatest strengths is his mastery of both musical compositions and vocal delivery. “Rambo” introduces precisely that sort of inventiveness in an instant and progressively builds a soundscape around its listeners that is both modern and uplifting.

“Rambo” is a laid-back study of modern hip hop that is firmly entrenched in the genre’s natural style and flow, as seen by the lyrics of a song. Those who love laid-back vibes and artistic flexibility will find this record to be a breeze to enjoy.

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