In “Rambo,” Yae Breezy, a rising rapper, and composer return to the music world with a hard-hitting but instantly recognizable piece of music that impresses on an entirely new level. Despite the emotional poetry, the soundscape is conveyed calmly and collected.

Listeners are able to focus on the song’s lyrics because the vocals are well-balanced between wet and dry signals. “Rambo” takes us on a fascinating journey that ends abruptly and brutally, making us reach for the repeat button. As if we’ve exited the warm mix and entered a tropical rainstorm, it’s hard to tell.

“Rambo” draws the ear’s attention to the snicket, crunchy rhythm, and, of course, the Yae Breezy vocal. Or, more accurately, lyrics – there’s plenty of them on showcase.

Yae Breezy has used a lot of reverb and delay, and their layout has a lot of rising and fall, similar to the motion of waves crashing on a beach. Indeed, the overall impact is one of extravagance and luxury.

“Rambo” flies by in under three minutes, and you’ll wonder if you missed it because it’s so hypnotic. In addition to the psychedelic flavor of the listening experience, the mix itself is enormous and has a beautiful sense of roiling excess.

All of this has a professional finish; the hook settles in quickly, the artist’s style becomes familiar to listeners, and musically there’s a fair amount to appreciate that separates “Rambo” from the majority of recent releases.

An easygoing hip-hop/rap exploration, “Rambo” by Yae Breezy is rooted in the genre’s natural style and flow. Relaxed vibes and creative freedom make this entertaining for those who enjoy the latter.

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