Releasing yet another explosive original Party club banger named “Radioactive,” Irish rapper and artist Real Easy returns with unmatched skill, volume, and grit, bringing the music industry to its knees.

Real Easy is an Irish Rap Artist who has been in the rap scene since 2016 when he dropped his first major music video, “Apollo.” He has earned over 200k channel streams, all stemming from the big hit titled “empire.”

In addition to being lyrically spectacular, the topic is delivered in an engaging manner as Real Easy faultlessly and rhythmically navigates his way through the facts and observations at hand, with the song “Radioactive” setting the stage effortlessly.

Real Easy’s single “Radioactive,” which combines the quickly vivid presence of a synth-soaked, reflected backdrop with the rapid bars, manages to surprisingly grab attention and impress as it meanders through a brief but captivating existence.

Every phrase and instant that flows through “Radioactive” is filled with personality and proves to be more and more distinct as the song progresses through the tracks.

Production is top-notch, energetic, and jam-packed with details, yet there is a solid groove underneath it all that will keep the classic hip hop listener enthralled for a long time.

Even more impressive than before – musically innovative, vocally distinctive, lyrically memorable – Real Easy has the identity, talent, and appeal to carry this piece of music to the biggest stages. One of his best singles so far, without a doubt.

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