RaceTrac” by “Milli on” is a solid track with a little bit of all the best parts of hip-hop and R&B. For the most part the track brings audiences classic hip-hop energy; a thick beat, a haunting leading riff that repeats throughout – the signature sound of the music – and the leading rap vocal. The rap delivery has an intense yet mellow vibe to it – the passion is there without over-focusing on speed or shouting, and this approach is far more effective in making you really want to listen. It’s also a great voice to listen to, with great flow.

The leading voice is captivating and attention-grabbing. The haunting snippets of an additional voice behind it add even more to the energy of the performance. As the musical moments begin to emerge, the sounds bring in an extremely original fusion of organic and modern, futuristic, hip hop. However, the Milli on becomes something more of unity as the track progresses, and as is true with much of the artist’s work – the creativity appears as impulsive, free from the constraints of genre or structure rules, and most definitely driven by a passion for the strange and the unpredictable.

The more you listen, the more the thread throughout the sound becomes clear. The music begins to feel familiar, true to a certain set of ideas, and always audibly experimental and interesting. The artist’s own interest in spirituality passes on to the listener through his music. The energy and vibe of the recordings create a certain atmosphere around you as you listen, and it’s most certainly a memorable experience

The music builds and falls away in a very minimal manner, enough to keep things interesting. Each vocal part too is well placed and appropriately expressed as these changes occur – though not so much so that the very essence of hip-hop and these overall vibes is lost. Far from it. The nostalgia is there for those who seek it, but everything else is new – the rap delivery, the lyricism, the vocal tone; the new sense of character is likely to appeal to any number of listeners. Well worth checking out.

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