Prepare to be mesmerized by the soul-stirring melodies of R.I.Q. as he unveils his latest enchanting creation, ‘Lost At Sea.’ Hailing from the heart of Columbus, Ohio, R.I.Q. stands as the epitome of “The Greatest Artist You Never Heard Of.”

‘Lost At Sea’ is a poetic journey through the depths of the human heart, exquisitely composed with R&B and soulful essence. R.I.Q.’s emotive vocals tug at heartstrings, leaving listeners adrift in a sea of emotions.

As the world begins to discover the talent that was once hidden, R.I.Q.’s music style proves to be captivating, drawing listeners into an auditory realm where time stands still.

Embrace the magic of R.I.Q.’s musical voyage by exploring ‘Lost At Sea’ on YouTube and stay tuned for more captivating releases.

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