Dominiquichy, a Spanish Latin Rap artist from New York, has created an unexpected smash with his track QUE TE PASA ATI, effectively breaking through genre barriers and deviating off on his own distinct yet incredibly fascinating route.

It isn’t easy to make a permanent mark in the hip-hop industry at such a young age. Dominiquichy, a seasoned indigenous rapper, is a bilingual rapper who prefers to communicate his intense feelings through the Espanol rap flow. People are raving about the new hip-hop trend of combining Spanish/Latin lines with English hooks. 

The pioneering hybrid rapper has taken this trend seriously, who has produced a Latin trap song titled ‘Que Te Pasa Ti.’ It is one of the year’s major music releases under his wing. It’s brimming with his forthright declarations of reinvention. He manages to walk the line between genuine affection and the industry’s glamor and glam outpouring. He uses brutally honest lyricism to highlight the difficulty he hides behind the impromptu trap bars. The music acts as a mask, shielding his thoughts from the incessant murky harmful smoke emitted by people’s pointless criticism.

QUE TE PASA ATI showcases a wide range of vocal flows and rhythms – each one flawlessly in tune with the pace and energy of the track, presenting Dominiquichy boldly and memorably – supported by a simple progression, bass-heavy and offbeat, blending dancehall and hip hop in a subtly infectious way.

Dominiquichy’s skill and range as a producer astoundingly are on display, with a totally unexpected shift in approach shortly before the halfway mark. Not only do we get the dependably soulful, raspy yet silky, fulfilling vocal core. But the soundtrack QUE TE PASA ATI is magnificently powerful, beautifully constructed, and provides the ideal combination of passion and bounce.

QUE TE PASA ATI is fresh, raw, uncompromising, honest, intellectual, and driven. It’s a visceral, entertaining treat, complete with a razor-sharp video and plenty of attitudes.

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