Zaneita’’s Quarter Life Crisis is the perfect soundtrack for our troubled times. This clever song zips by in a smidgeon over two minutes, but on its way skewers contemporary mores in an economical manner, which simultaneously delivers big pop hooks yet also resonates with our sensibilities. The lead vocal is warm, full of personality, and delivered in a confident, laid-back swagger that belies the gravity of what it’s detailing. It’s reminiscent of Alicia Keys’s melodic delivery and has enough syncopation and changes in delivery to keep things chopping along. The big boom of the beat is the ultimate homespun house party rave soundtrack, and the chant/cheer of crowd vocals swept up at the moment all undercuts the apparent laissez-faire on display.

Zaneita is a talented RnB artist and a songwriter from North West London. Listening to Alicia Keys’ album ‘Songs In A Minor’ made her fall in love with music. She is a master in the art of stealing listeners’ hearts and souls with her mesmerizing vocals and creative wordplay. Though she is an RnB artist using afrobeat with smooth RnB undertones in her latest single Quarter Life Crisis showcases her knowledge and creativity. She takes listeners on an emotional and relatable journey where she reflects on a period of time where she was experiencing anxiety over the direction and quality of her life. As all of us face insecurity, doubt, and disappointment in our day-to-day life the song feels to us in a more personal way. Zaneita is inspired by great artists like Alicia Keys, Toni Braxton, TLC, and Lauryn Hill.

An urban hymn to income inequality railing against the aspirational lifestyle we have rammed down our throats by the media. I think this song is quite brilliant. It’s entertaining, layered, engaging, wears its empty heart on its sleeve, and is all the more powerful the more you think about what you’ve just heard. With this new hit she is making headlines in all the right places and you can hear more exciting music from her next year. 

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