FRANCE / UK Protestsound aims high once more with the well-captured and composed “Psychosocial,” introducing a classic rock rap arrangement mixed with an equally classic, wistfully superb method of lyrics.

Protestsound pushes the frontiers of modern genre fusion by blending sensitive composition into a rock kissed rap sound, ” Psychosocial,” and style for a totally immersive, addicting hit of contemporary hip hop and powerful conceptual writing.

These past two years have been a sound odyssey for PROTESTSOUND. Now it’s time to return to reality. They gave it their all and played their most excellent song. Guitars are blaring in the foreground. They’re from the street where ghosts are still playing the Ramones.

Protestsound has been very active with LPS, EPS, and SINGLES in the last two years.

Protestsound launched its latest song to start the new year, which appeared on MIX TYPE. This is an updated version with a rap. They did offer a great female rapper to rap on this stunning track. The song is shorter and more direct. Of course, the guitars have rock influences, but the idea was to present a hip-hop song. Protestsound is a pop-punk rock band that also enjoys hip hop.

The music has the makings of an arena rock hit, with distorted guitars and the primal crash of live drums. Nonetheless, it has been developed to a precise and current level for clarity of sound and the necessary ability to crank up the volume.

“Psychosocial,” which merges distorted guitar riffs and compressed beats alongside a raw yet unmistakable rap and rock vocal outpouring of both male and female musicians, is rather diverse in the genre but anchored in rhythm and volume.

The tune captivates due to its lyrical content and plot – the changing tempo of the soundscape adds to this, with superb percussion and guitar work leading us into each drop for the hook. And this is an exceptional, unexpectedly melodic section that contributes much to the song’s excellent structure.

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