“PRETEND 2 BE” is a contemporary hip-hop song full of great goals and tremendous energy. Throughout the composition, MeNice Explicit performs to the best of his ability, beginning with an explicit scene to highlight the direction of his ambitions before bursting into the track’s iconic heavy rap aura.

Thick beats and ambient melodies accompany the outpouring of thoughts and personality. You quickly get to know the artist’s voice and this specific style and approach to rap music and expression.

MeNice Explicit hip-hop style is characterized by unrelenting energy, passion, and flow. “PRETEND 2 BE” is an immensely bright track that establishes the artist and his sound in a transparent manner.

“PRETEND 2 BE” is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing and easy to get lost in tracks of the season, both conceptually and lyrically. The song has something like a modest amount of expertise to it.

Despite the relaxed atmosphere, MeNice Explicit delivery is rapid and unrelenting — his flow is relentless, scarcely pausing to breathe; but, when he does, you do as well. Everything hinges on his command of the track and the situation.

Right now, MeNice Explicit has his own style. This track displays a sophisticated growth from the rapped verses to the catchy hook. Everything has casual confidence about it, especially the second verse, which is where things start to get truly spectacular and exciting. The concepts elicit unexpected depths of thought.

“PRETEND 2 BE,” an ambient and engaging piece of music with a rising energy level that strives to elevate and inspire positive change, is a definite standout. MeNice Explicit is a serious, creative, and expressive artist who is unafraid to tackle subjects others might avoid.

This is yet another single from the artist and based on the frequency and quality of his releases, you can expect even more significant and bolder things in the months and years ahead.

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