Redefining, in many ways, the sound of modern rap – Farron Gordon x Dev Gajan offers up something that is musically thick and full to the brim with distorted instrumentation and energy. “Pressure” is their latest release for all the audience out there with a unique touch. At the same time, their writing is loaded with melodies and moments that carry these very human emotions through the airwaves and into your life. This combination of elements was always what made rap music connect, but in this case, there’s a notable delicacy to the songwriting that contrasts powerfully with the weight of the music.

The music builds throughout, fully kicking into action at just before the two-minute mark, surrounding you in hypnotic rhythm and warmth. The hook is incredibly memorable, a simple yet unquestionable earworm. What works particularly well about it is that the performance of these words ties in beautifully with the rhythm of the supporting music. The concept of up and down, around and around, is exactly what the hook and the instrumentation portray as the soundscape progresses. It’s a minimalist approach but the strength of this uniting of elements is what drives the song, and as stated, it makes for one that lingers in your mind long after listening.

It’s not a song that simply plays and then leaves you alone. The latter half of the track is nothing but music and awesome rap vocals; cascading guitar parts, electronic music to see things out. The song fills the room entirely as it plays, and it’s really a case of the louder the better. These  Farron Gordon x Dev Gajan style chords make for a world of audio and video that seems uncertain as to whether or not it’s a happy place or one of lethargy and melancholy. The leading riff and that consistent melody are the sorts that have you hanging on for dear life yet listening back at every opportunity.

The song is strangely familiar and thrilling in its simplistic expression of passion. There’s “pressure” in the sound, but there’s little resolve. The only solution is to take home their entire album and seek out a live show – something that’s likely to be every bit as bold and satisfying as the very best rap offerings.

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